The 2024 Public Health Law Summit will bring together public health leaders and practitioners, legal experts, and community advocates to drive actionable changes in maternal and reproductive health policies and practices.

Attendees will learn about best practices and innovative approaches to addressing disparities in maternal and reproductive health and will leave with resources and essential insights to bolster their advocacy and advance their efforts to secure reproductive health care for all. 

Sessions will cover:

  • Strategies for improving maternal and reproductive health and access to care in the aftermath of the overturning of Roe vs Wade.
  • Pathways for advancing equitable maternal and reproductive health laws and policies.
  • Data use, privacy, and surveillance issues to protect maternal and reproductive health information.
  • Mental health and substance use in maternal and reproductive care and their impact on outcomes.
  • Environmental health laws, impacts, and considerations related to maternal mortality and reproductive health.
  • Workplace accommodations and other employment and disability policies that improve maternal and reproductive health.
  • Practical guidance for leveraging law and policy to empower public health, advocates, policymakers, providers, and community action groups.
  • Opportunities to connect across a broad coalition of practitioners, community groups, and funders.

In the face of escalating challenges to maternal and reproductive health, especially for marginalized groups, the necessity for decisive action has never been more critical. Join us at the 2024 Public Health Law Summit to learn, network, and collaborate to build a collective movement toward reproductive justice.

The 2024 Public Health Law Summit is organized by: