The COVID-19 pandemic is challenging public health in unprecedented ways, and is exposing structural failures and health inequities that further exasperate the impact of the virus. State and local jurisdictions have had to navigate a myriad of public health legal and emergency preparedness response issues in an effort to mitigate infection rates and loss of life. This virtual two-day Summit will examine key issues surfaced by the pandemic and paths forward to more effective and equitable response and recovery efforts.

20 concurrent sessions over two days covering critical issues, including:

  • Health Equity for Marginalized Communities
  • Drug and Vaccine Development and Access
  • Federal, State and Local Emergency Measures
  • State Preemption
  • Mental Health
  • Protecting and Managing the Health Workforce
  • Food Insecurity
  • Housing
  • Voter Safety and Participation
  • Education and Broadband Access
  • Telehealth
  • Harm Reduction and Substance Use Disorder
  • Executive Decision-making

 The 2020 Public Health Law Virtual Summit is organized by: